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Cheap flower shop in Riyadh

Choosing a flower shop in Riyadh is not easy, especially with so many options. However, our store stands out as an ideal destination for those looking for quality and excellence at competitive prices. We are distinguished by offering a wide variety of rose bouquets and gifts made with love and care, to be part of your happy and important moments. Through this article, we will review together what distinguishes our store from others.

من نحن

the main points

Providing a wide variety of rose bouquets and distinctive and unique gifts.

Fast and free delivery within Riyadh on the same day.

Possibility of delivery outside Riyadh within 48 hours.

Providing excellent customer service to ensure the best purchasing experience.

Shop now and pay later with flexible payment options.

who are we

who are we

About the store

Our shop is considered one of the most prominent flower shops in Riyadh, as we offer distinctive flower bouquets that meet all tastes and occasions. We always make sure to choose the finest types of roses and design them with great care to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


We are distinguished by providing a fast and efficient delivery service within Riyadh, which makes us the first choice for many customers looking for quality and speed.

In addition to flower bouquets, the flower shop provides its customers with a wide variety of gifts and special additions that make every occasion an unforgettable memory. We believe in the importance of small details and strive to provide our best to make our customers happy.

values ​​and principles

In our shop, we believe in the importance of quality and creativity in every bouquet we offer. Trust and transparency are the foundation of our relationship with our customers, as we always strive to provide the best services at reasonable prices.

High quality

Creativity in design

Trust and transparency


We guarantee you a unique and distinctive experience with every order, with our full commitment to the high standards we set for ourselves.

Our vision and mission

In our rose shop in Riyadh, we always strive to be the first choice for our customers when looking for rose bouquets and gifts that are made with love and care. We believe in the importance of moments and strive to make every occasion unforgettable through our distinctive products and dedicated services.

We choose the finest and best types of roses for you to be part of your happiness.

To achieve our vision, we adhere to the following principles:

High quality in every bouquet.

Continuous innovation and renewal in our designs.

Attention to the smallest details to ensure customer satisfaction.

Providing a fast and reliable delivery service inside and outside Riyadh.

We value our customers' trust and always work to strengthen this relationship by giving our best.



Distinctive rose bouquets

In our shop, we are proud to offer distinctive flower bouquets that are made with love and great care to meet all your needs. We offer a wide variety of packages that suit all occasions, whether for moments of joy or to add an aesthetic touch to your ordinary day.

We provide same-day delivery service within Riyadh to ensure that your packages arrive in perfect condition.

We have a variety of packages at competitive prices:


Riyadh Package: 179.11 SAR

Istanbul Package: 399 SAR

Moscow Package: 259 SAR

Perugia Package: 155 SAR

Each package is carefully designed to express your feelings in the most beautiful ways, and we are here to help you choose the perfect package that suits your taste and budget.

Unique rose vases

In our shop, we are proud to offer a variety of unique rose vases that have been carefully selected to suit all occasions and tastes. From the luxurious Courchevel vase to the elegant London vase, we guarantee you quality and sophisticated design.

We also have special gifts and add-ons to match our rose vases to make your gift even more special.

A glimpse at the prices of some of our vases:

روابط مهمة

Vase price (SAR)

Courchevel 744.99

London 675

Louisville 429

NICE 235

We care about details and always strive to provide our best to ensure your satisfaction and happiness. Do not hesitate to visit our shop to discover more unique vases and gifts.

Complete gift packages

In our store, we offer a variety of complete gift packages that meet all your needs for different occasions. From Ramadan 2024 gifts to bouquets of flowers and chocolate, we guarantee you quality and excellence in every package.

Ramadan gifts 2024

Bouquets of roses and chocolate

Juices and fruits

Delicious cakes

Joyful gifts

We are always keen to provide the best services and products to our customers, while emphasizing quality and innovation in everything we offer.

We also have custom options to tailor gifts by name and coordinate events in a way that makes every moment unforgettable. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or want to organize a special occasion, our integrated packages are the perfect choice for you.

Special additions for gifts

To make your gift even more special and personal, we offer a variety of special additions that you can choose to add to your bouquets or gifts. From inlays with personalized names and phrases to luxurious favors, every addition makes your gift unique.

We have a wide range of toppings to suit all occasions and tastes.

Inscriptions with custom names and phrases

Luxury distributions

Decorated balloons

Luxury chocolate

All of these options and more are available for you to choose what suits you and adds a special touch to your gift.

Our services

Our services

Fast delivery within Riyadh

In a cheap flower shop in Riyadh, we are proud to provide a fast and efficient delivery service within Riyadh. Our luxurious bouquets are guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep on the same day of order, making us the perfect choice for last-minute surprises and special occasions.

We make sure that delivery is done safely and on time, while maintaining the quality and freshness of the roses.

To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a range of delivery options including:

Immediate delivery on the same day.

Flexible delivery options depending on your schedule.

Track the status of your order in real time.

Delivery outside Riyadh

We at the Riyadh Flower Shop are proud to provide the Riyadh rose delivery service to all parts of the Kingdom, allowing our valued customers to enjoy luxurious rose bouquets and unique gifts even outside the borders of the capital. We guarantee that your orders will arrive on time and with the highest quality.

Fast delivery within 48 hours.

Order follow-up service to ensure your satisfaction.

Distinctive packaging for gifts and flowers.

We always strive