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sweets with roses

Shop now through the largest online store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh for all occasions and weddings, gifts for men and women, and arrangements of natural and artificial rose bouquets, cakes, and chocolate. We have many rose bouquet arrangements with delicious chocolates of various kinds, and gifts are delivered on the same day.

Surprise your loved ones, on or without an occasion, with an elegant gift presented to him, such as a bouquet of roses in a check design with chocolate. It gives the person you love the most beautiful feelings without the need for words. A bouquet of roses with chocolate and a balloon. A bouquet of different, elegant and distinctive roses. Presenting a basket of chocolate with flowers in Riyadh, Al-Yasim neighborhood, delivery. Flowers and chocolate in Riyadh, Al-Malqa district, gift delivery site north of Riyadh, east of Riyadh.

We are keen and working to provide the best elegant collections so that the attitude of the person who will give a gift will be honorable and we will serve you in your joys and occasions wherever you are. A gift arrangement shop in Riyadh provides a service of delivering flowers with gifts, perfumes, cake, chocolate, etc. for free..

A wonderful bouquet of Riyadh roses made of natural roses with fragrant and perfect scents.

Rose bouquet with chocolate in Riyadh, we provide you with elegant and distinctive collections.

The rose bouquet comes with a gift card with your comments if you liked this.

A distinctive and elegant design that makes it look elegant.

A beautiful and ideal gift to give to family, friends and work colleagues.

A bouquet of flowers with chocolate wrapped professionally and elegantly.

Brand: flowerswonders Model: مزهريات
Baddour is a beautiful bouquet of roses that is distinguished by its diverse colors and wonderful fragrance. It is considered an ideal gift to express love, appreciation and happiness.Wonders of Roses provides a variety of bouquets in different colors and types, so you can choose what suits your tas..
280.00 ريال
-31 %
Brand: flowerswonders Model: ورد
Decorating wedding cars in Riyadh requires that they be elegant, beautiful and distinct, so we have provided for you the best wonderful collections of car decorations using ribbons and beautiful bouquets of roses, a red and white rose bouquet with green leaves, creating a beautiful and luxurious loo..
450.00 ريال 650.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: ورد
Angelina - A simple and attractive design for presenting a gold necklace or jewelryAngelina is a simple and attractive figure with a unique design, combining the beauty of roses and the luxury of gold and jewelry. It is an ideal gift to express love, appreciation and happiness.Wonders of Roses provi..
250.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 89e01
Red rose bouquet with candyA bouquet of red roses with candy is a special romantic gift that combines the beauty of roses and the sweetness of chocolate. It is an ideal gift to express love, appreciation and happiness.Wonders of Roses provides a variety of red rose bouquets with candy in various siz..
250.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: eca23
A bouquet containing chocolate with various flowers, a bouquet of flowers with Riyadh chocolate, an appropriate gift to give to the person you love, to apologize, to express thanks, or to bring happiness to the heart of anyone you love. There is no more appropriate gift than an arranged bouquet of e..
350.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 32d21
MarchMarch is the third month of the year, and it is the beginning of spring, and therefore it is a month full of bright colors and beautiful feelings.Roses are considered one of the most beautiful flowers that can be given in the month of March, as they symbolize love, romance and beauty. Wonders o..
300.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 4a99d
Gift box from the customerA diverse sweets package consisting of the most beautiful and best types of delicious and luxurious chocolate, the best and most elegant arrangement of candy and sweets gifts that suit family celebrations, sweets gifts and same-day delivery in Riyadh, a Riyadh chocolate ros..
450.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 7b21c
Roses are the way to the heart. Gift this arrangement containing 12 roses, together with 10 branches of baby roses, aluminum, and bachi sweets to express your feelings...
366.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 06e68
Rose bouquet with fruitWonders of Roses offers a bouquet of roses with fruit, which is a special gift that combines beauty and delicious tasteIt will be a bouquet in a box with luxurious sweets from a variety of colorful roses, in addition to a variety of luxurious sweets, such as chocolates, biscui..
300.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 25e2b
Smoothie - Price includes sweetsWonders of Roses offers a variety of delicious smoothies that include sweets, making them an ideal choice for a snack or dessert.Our smoothies feature fresh, high-quality ingredients and are carefully prepared to ensure they taste great.Some of our popular flavors inc..
220.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: ef4d0
Tasteful entertainmentTasteful Treats are a special gift that combines the beauty of roses and flowers and the sweetness of candy. The gift consists of a variety of roses and flowers, such as roses and cymbidiums, which symbolize love, beauty and romance. A variety of sweets are added to the bouquet..
330.00 ريال
Brand: flowerswonders Model: 58a4b
HuaZahwa is a luxurious rose bouquet from the wonders of roses, consisting of a variety of red and white roses, which symbolize love, passion and purity.The Zahwa bouquet is distinguished by its unique beauty and strong symbolism, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to express their feeling..
280.00 ريال
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