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We offer you a VIP flower bouquet that contains a group of the most luxurious nature roses in the colors of love, that increases the moments of closeness and is ideal for expressing all feelings.

The most beautiful bouquet of natural roses VIP

Consists of: Vanilla Rose

This rose is special and unique

Enjoy its wonderful smell and wonderful color

Arrange with us a surprise for your partner, your note we will write with love.

Specifications and features of natural rose bouquet:

- A wonderful bouquet of nature roses with fragrant and perfect scents.

Rose bouquet as shown in the photo

- Comes with a gift card with your own comments and phrases.

- You can serve it at weddings and private parties as well as public.

- Lightweight and easy to carry.

A distinctive format that makes it elegant and perfect.

- An ideal gift for family, friends and co-workers.

Attractive and professionally wrapped.

It gives you a sense of joy, happiness, comfort and security.

Very reasonable prices.

Note: Some types of roses are available during certain times and seasons

450.00 ريال
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